"Nun Stitch"

Nun Stitch

Each line on this chart represents a fabric thread

This is an insertion stitch and not an edging stitch. If you use this as an edging stitch and catch the two fabric threads at either end of the row of stitches and pull outward, the entire row of stitches and fabric threads will pull out. So be cautious in its use!

I would not advise its use as a finishing edge though. It just will not last as so many claim!  You could spend a lot of time on a design and then add a box or another shape using this stitch only to have it pull out just as you are about to finish the design.  It then leaves an unfortunate hole in the fabric that can be difficult to repair.

I have been stitching for four decades and whenever I read instructions that call for this kind of insertion in the middle of a design that advises me to cut away the threads I don't even consider using it.  I long ago learned not to and now I don't even see the instructions, I know it is better to adjust the pattern by using a Satin stitch over four threads to make the design that encloses cut threads.  I think that even Satin stitches over two fabric threads would be less risky! © 2003, Linda Fontenot, www.AmericanFolkArts.com