"Spider Spoke with Petals"

Petals for the Spider Spoke

For the instructions on how to make a spider please click on the topic Spider Spoke .


The spider needs to be large enough to cover half the spokes at the North, South, East and West positions as you can see in the photo below called 'Spider Spoke Flower with diagonal spokes'. You can see in that photo that I did about six passes around the spokes to cover half the length of the spokes designated above. None of the spokes were wrapped before I began the spider.

The rest of the spokes are much longer because they are diagonals. The ends of those spokes will have to be wrapped after the petal is made on each of those spokes. This wrap will make a nice finish and not leave a bundle of unwrapped perle threads that will eventually weaken and possibly break. In other words the embroidery is washable if the spokes are wrapped or covered by the decorative stitches.

Spider Spoke Flower with diagonal spokes

Let me explain some of the terms I am using. The spider is the center whorl of this design I have it in a picture below to show you its details. The spokes are all sewn together in the spider and the sewing thread goes in a spiral around the spokes so that you can literally see the working thread or if you prefer the sewing thread looping from spoke to spoke. The petals are then added to the spokes and each one is made seperately to its completion on the spoke and on part of the spider. Each spoke that radiates out from the spider has a petal sewn on it above the spider.

How to make the Spider Spoke Flower

To make this flower you would make the spider first and then add the petals as explained above and below.


To begin the petals :

take a new length of #8 Perle Cotton and start on the back of your embroidery at any spoke. Try using a much longer thread and wrap half the extra length around a parked needle. Read about needle parking .

Spider Spoke Petal

The whorls of the spider are light yellow green. The spoke is a Spring Green and the petal is dark green. If you monitor is black and white, then these should show up as the spider being the lightest, the spoke the medium tone and the petals the darkest tone.