"Rhodes Heart"


Each line on these charts represent a fabric thread.

Begin this stitch by coming up at 1 and going down at a, then up at 2 and down at b, and so on, I used two strands of stranded cotton, but perle cotton #8 or #12 will work well.

continue as shown here,

and here,

Finish this stitch by coming up at 11 and going down at k and add one more stitch to finish the center of the Rhodes Heart.  You can copy this page and add the letters and numbers to the sequence if you find that necessary.  

If you are using stranded cotton be sure you split the threads with the needle before going down at each stitch or step. Do not pull any stitches. And that is all there is to this stitch. ©2001 Linda Fontenot, www.AmericanFolkArts.com