"Bands of Satin Stitches"

Parallel Bands of Satin Stitches for Filling Spaces

The lines on this chart represent a fabric thread.

These rows of Satin stitches are done on an angle, they are a fast and effective filling stitch. The green stitches are compensated stitches and are shown here to demonstrate how to compensate these rows of Satin stitches.

Some of the ground fabric will show through the rows of the stitches as you can see in the photograph above. The parallel band of Satin stitches are done with blue floss in the central medallion. If the Satin stitches are worked evenly the ground fabric peeking through is very effective and attractive, I find it adds interest or a spark to the design. ©2002, Linda Fontenot, www.AmericanFolkArts.com