"Doves Eye"

Doves Eye

The Doves Eye is made with a series of Buttonhole stitches generally done at the same time as you weave or wrap the bars of a design. In these instructions it is assumed that the fabric threads have been cut and removed and you are going to start wrapping or weaving the bars.

The Buttonhole stitch is used to make the Doves Eye as follows.

Stop the bar wraps as shown after the third wrap, see the 'a' to the left of the bar in the diagram. The working thread then goes under the bar and over it at the diagonal thread marked by the red 'a.' This forms a wrap that stabilizes the Doves Eye. Then I wrap out of the bar to the next corner.

The fabric in this chart conceals the back of the Buttonhole loop at step 1-3.

A Finer Point

The grid is made of bars and spaces. Each space is surrounded by four bars. In this instance three bars have been wrapped on the diagonal and you have arrived back at the start after you wrap that bar three times. After completing that buttonhole stitch that completes the Doves Eye, I would go over or under the unwrapped part of the bar and start wrapping again to finish the bar. Generally I need to do an equal number of wraps on either side of the Buttonhole on these partially wrapped bars, essentially that means that the Buttohole stitch or any portions of it does not count as a wrap. If I was doing six wraps around each bar, I would have to do six wraps around this bar too, three before the Buttonhole stitch and three. Don't worry about the orientation of these stitches as you work up and down the bars diagonally some of the Doves Eyes will look a little different because they started in a different spot. It will be an intriguing puzzle for the stitch police to figure out. They will be wondering how you got such nice balanced Doves Eyes. ©2004, Linda Fontenot, www.AmericanFolkArts.com