"Clover Leaf Flower"

Clover Leaf Flower

I used #8 Perle Cotton throughout this design. Please read through all the instructions before you begin as there are some tips following the lesson.

To wrap the first bar, start at the middle of the right side of the design and wrap up the bars diagonally, like walking up steps. Then wrap down the bars at step 5. To get into position for step 5 make a tiny stitch over one of the fabric threads in the fabric intersection between klosters. Then continue wrapping on the diagonal until all the bars are wrapped.

The A, B, C, D intersections are where the petals of this motif will be made after you finish wrapping all the bars.

This diagram shows you the wrapped bars at the 'A' intersection of the previous chart. With your threaded tapestry needle begin the first petal in the center of the intersection of bars at the star. Take the threaded needle under bar 3, then over bar 2. At bar 7, reverse direction and at '1' go over bar 7, then under bar 2 and over bar 3. At '2' reverse direction again and go over bar 6, the under bar 3 and over bar 2, then under bar 7 and reverse direction again. Repeat the over and under wraps until the petal fills half the space between the bars.

Finer Points

Use a parked needle with about 36 inches of perle cotton to make the Clover Leaf Flower and then the Squared Eye. When you finish a petal weave under it with the working thread until you are positioned for the start of the next petal or the Squared Eye. You may have to take the second half of thread from the parked needle through the back of the petals to get it into working position. Generally the petal wraps over the wrapped bars of the gird are the easiest to slip the needle and working thread through for positioning the needle and thread for the next weave.

Experiment on your doodle cloth to see if you like this flower, it can be difficult to achieve even sizes for each petal. ©2003 Linda Fontenot www.AmericanFolkArts.com