"Band Two"

Band Two

Each block on theses charts represent a stitch over two fabric threads.,


If you are doing the Mystery Sampler this stitch is done after finishing the pulled Scottish Stitch band. I skipped down four fabric threads and centered the row of nine count boxes on the fabric. Then Used two strands of the floss to stitch it. Remember these are nine count boxes.

Each box will have a space between it and the next box. Use the same color of thread as the reindeer topper for these. If your band is a little over the edge, that is quite acceptable. Mine worked out to be 80 stitches and was centered. But everybody does things a bit different, and there is absolutely no need to rip and redo if you are satisfied with your band.

Historically these bands were done as a reference and practice for future use. Sorry about the copyright, but it is necessary. ©2000 Linda Fontenot, www.AmericanFolkArts.com